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The Apportable platform gives developers the ability to convert iOS games to Android automatically, without extensive changes to the original Objective-C or C++ code.


Amazon Web Services is launching its own virtual cloud desktop service, called Amazon WorkSpaces — promising to deliver a Windows 7 operating system and software from Amazon’s cloud to traditional desktops, laptops, Android tablets and Apple iOS devices including the iPad.

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Google today launched Portable Native Client (PNaCl, pronounced pinnacle) as part of its push to bring native code to more and more platforms. The tool lets developers compile their code once to run on any hardware platform and embed their PNaCl application in any website.

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The App Translation Service was announced at Google’s I/O developer conference earlier this year and allows for developers to hire human translators across the world to transcribe their apps from English into the local tongue. Want your app to be read in Farsi? Russian? Japanese? Developers can hire a professional translator through Google Play Services to bring their app to users’ native tongue across the world.

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