Here’s a new solution for taking your Adobe Illustrator art and turning it into Objective-C code called Drawscript from Tom Krcha. (more here)


The 5 laws of API dates and times


Let’s say you’re building your first API. Be it public, private, or some hybrid thereof, don’t be surprised if your first defect is date/time-related. Do not underestimate how much trouble you can get into when it comes to handling date and times. Here are some tips which might keep you out of this potential future. (more here)

MFC ActiveX Controls


An ActiveX control is a reusable software component based on the Component Object Model (COM) that supports a wide variety of OLE functionality and can be customized to fit many software needs. ActiveX controls are designed for use both in ordinary ActiveX control containers and on the Internet, in World Wide Web pages. You can create ActiveX controls either with MFC, described here, or with the Active Template Library (ATL).

(more here)