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Scala for C# Developers


Scala IDE provides advanced editing and debugging support for the development of pure Scala and mixed Scala-Java applications.

Now with a shiny Scala debugger, semantic highlight, more reliable JUnit test finder, an ecosystem of related plugins, and much more.

Read here a basic tutorial, where you can learn how to install it and build your first scala app.

What’s Inside Google Glass?

Fexprint PCB holds Glass’ inertial sensor, InvenSense MPU-9150.

Bone conduction speaker, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, touchpad module, TI OMAP4430, 16GB of SanDisk flash, and an Elpida mobile DRAM chip.

Single-cell Lithium Polymer battery with a capacity of 2.1 Wh (roughly 570 mAh).

With a native resolution of 640×360, the pixels are roughly 1/8th the physical width of those on the iPhone 5’s retina display.

It has not been perfected, out of years of patient research, ENTIRELY for that purpose, 007.

Read more here.