A Windows Phone 8 Project Template Without the Fluff


When you start a new project using Microsoft’s Windows Phone App template, the project includes a lot of boilerplate code, comments and files meant to help developers get up to speed quickly. But once you know what you’re doing, most of this is cruft you’ll end up deleting. Michael Crump shows you how to create his version of a basic, nothing-extra Windows Phone 8 template so you can start with a (nearly) blank page. (more here)


Everything You Need to Know About the New BlackBerries


This morning the world held its collective breath as RIM BlackBerry took its sweet ass time trotting out the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 and amidst all the shenanigans, the company formerly known as RIM managed to show off a few notable new BB10 features, too. In case you missed all the live coverage this morning, you can find everything and anything related to BlackBerry 10 below. (more here)

DuckDuckGo Architecture


This is an interview with Gabriel Weinberg, founder of Duck Duck Go and general all around startup guru, on what DDG’s architecture looks like in 2012. Innovative search engine upstart DuckDuckGo had 30 million searches in February 2012 and averages over 1 million searches a day. It’s being positioned by super investor Fred Wilson as a clean, private, impartial and fast search engine. After talking with Gabriel I like what Fred Wilson said earlier, it seems closer to the heart of the matter: We invested in DuckDuckGo for the Reddit, Hacker News anarchists.