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You Don’t Need Permission to Be a Leader

Martin Luther King had just been shot.

A great story about the meaning of leadership, read the article here



What is the Design Process?

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Each company interprets it differently. And, each designer interprets that interpretation differently too. We agree that no one can actually nor should formally define a design process. There are way too many contexts that get in the way of structure. Than now you can read this and this!

CSS Glitched Text

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This is a great article of Alex Barashkov about designers and how to make a better work.

Instead of copy or make cool things, please make things right!

How I joined Google

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Here you can read a great article of Sebastien Gabriel (Designer at Google as Chrome browser and Chrome OS), it’s full of interesting point of view and I agree with many common points.

Use these exercises to practice your product-thinking skills and learn how we test our design candidates.