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The Code Is ArtIn one of my past lives I created and used the site where I build the first android version 2.2 for the ADP on internet (look at the dates). At that time people who believed in android were very few, xdadeveloper was just born and I was trying to make my own independent contribution.

Now lost for more than 7 years, today I found it  in one of my lost account.
I don’t think I will reuse it in the near future but it seems right to give it a corner in my blog as a link.


Think Small, Don’t Want To Be The Next Zuckerberg

Jozsef Torsan

I keep hearing people saying “I should invent something new and make a big business”. Everybody thinks of this at least once in their life. So did I. Then I started to realize that it doesn’t work this way. Sitting in a room and thinking for hours to invent the big business doesn’t work. However a few weeks ago I read an article that said the best ideas come in the shower. Then you have to think about the “big idea” in the shower, not in a room, right? No. I think the shower will not work either.

Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk. Just to mention a few of the big guys from the tech world who we admire and want to be as successful as they are. They are source of inspirations and they are our ideals. But why just these guys could make the big thing? #1…

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